About TUK TUK Records

Acclaimed Los Angeles band Dengue Fever, whose innovative mix of Cambodian and garage rock has naturally garnered an international following, has launch its own label, TUK TUK Records.

TUK TUK’s next slate of releases will be announced shortly and includes new Dengue Fever recordings, additional back catalog deluxe reissues, an album recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England, solo material from each band member and a live record recorded last year during the group’s U.S. State Department-sponsored tour of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The label is distributed via MRI in the U.S. and Canada and Proper Distribution elsewhere. Its first two reissue releases from Dengue Fever, whose last album, Cannibal Courtship, came out last year on Fantasy Records, are also available digitally at all major online retailers.

Tuk Tuk, incidentally, is the generic name for a motorized rickshaw in Thailand. “There are different names and varieties all over South Asia and Southeast Asia,” explains co-founder Ethan Holtzman. “They’re called tricycles in the Philippines, and in Cambodia they’re called cyclos, and a lot of guys live and sleep in them when they’re not driving them as taxis. They’re a good way to get around in any city: You sit in the back in the open air on a soft seat. It’s become kind of our logo.” Source: Examiner.com (Thanks Jim!).



Latest Releases

Ganadaramaba 7" [TT009]


This limited edition vinyl Record Store Day release includes covers we recorded of Korean psych classic “Ganadaramaba” and a new version of Dengue Fever’s “Integratron” performed by a collaboration of both Goonam and Dengue Fever.

Released: November 25, 2016

Tokay (Single) [TT008]


Digital single for Track 1 off of The Deepest Lake, featuring a new psycho-tropical remix of album track “Ghost Voice” from Yukicito, and unreleased track “Old Torn Clothes.”

Released: August 25, 2015

The Deepest Lake [TT007]


Dengue Fever's latest full-length release is available on limited edition colored vinyl, CD, and download.

Released: January 27, 2015

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